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3 Building Blocks for Business Growth.  


 Foundation for Starting a Business

Business Building Blocks 1 

Below are tools that have helped many student entrepreneurs build their businesses. 

1. Educate yourself on how to start a business

2. Do you need a business idea?

3. Conduct market research surveys to determine your target market, then objectively analyze the risk

4. Trademark search


5. Business name search

6. Decide on a legal structure for your business. If you are hiring staff maintain the proper paperwork to do so as well

7. Get a tax ID and register your business name

8. If you are in debt, consider getting debt consultation before launching your business

9. If your credit is bad work on repairing it. Good credit will help you get the capital you need to start and expand your business

10. Secure the FINANCING you need to start and grow your business

11. Time to get business supplies

12. Don't forget a good computer at a low cost, goes without saying

13. Once you have a computer protect it with anti virus product

14. Start your branding process by creating  a logo 

15. Now its time to create your website

16. Do you plan on selling products online? You should consider a reliable, centralized platform from which to run your store with the tools to handle every potential issue 


17. Next, an all-in-one marketing platform to easily build and automate virtually everything in your business


18. Monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place to increase the conversion rate

19. If you need it, get help with graphic designs for your website and social media platforms

20. Plan to accept payments on your site? You will need to have a payment gateway and merchant account


21. Don't want to write your own content? Pay someone to do it

22. Google Collaboration Tools

23. Office Space

24. Phone System

25. Make sure you have a good shipping software company in place

26. Scout for potential clients, Search Engine Optimization/PPC

27. Business insurance is important, get it today

28. Create good accounting

 practices with proper invoicing, billing, and expense reports

29. Accounting organizational tools

30. Make sure you file your state and local taxes on time

31. Understand that "knowledge is power".  Empower yourself have guidelines, and frameworks in place daily. It will be a huge part of your success, here are the steps

 Foundation for Building a Business

Business Building Blocks 2 

So you implemented some of the tools in Building Blocks and now you are a CEO. With the proper tools and strategies you can build your business to levels you never imagined.

1. Continue to learn, being  an entrepreneurs takes daily practice.... 

Marketing Tools

2. Combine that with an All-in-one Marketing Toolkit. Yes there is a difference

3. Use a business text-messaging service for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and SMS campaigns

4. If something new is happening with your company send a press release

5. Creating fully customizable landing pages can increase your conversion rates and return on investments

Social Media Tools

6. Find business leads and social media influencers in any niche

7. Youtube management tools

8. Try a smart and efficient Twitter account management tool

9. Consider a Pinterest and Instagram marketing and analytics platform


10. Looking to save time and money in the hiring process? Find top, pre-vetted freelance talent across 85+ different skill sets

11. If you have a team it is important that you have a collaborative work management platform

12. Being able to store, share anyone and access your files from just about anywhere is vital for your business

Business Tools

13. Continually evolve your

conversion rate and optimization strategies with form optimization tools designed to boost conversions and keep goals on track

14. You can also grow your business with Bots. Make every dollar in your advertising budget count by engaging each visitor. Also, Bots requires 0% human involvement

15. If you are selling a products, use one platform to sell products to anyone, anywhere—online with your ecommerce store

16. Businesses  need to be able to track, personalize, and automate their email marketing using data-driven, behavior-based email automation platforms

17.  As you expand, mail forwarding service allows your business to have mail delivered to a purchased address and then relayed, either physically or digitally

   Foundation for Scaling  a Business

  Business Building Blocks 3

Are you ready to scale? It's simple, you need tools that will take you and  your company to another level. 

1. Learn how to create multiple streams of passive income

2. Once you figure out your various methods of generating passive income, make sure you have the financing  needed to  scale your business. Cash is KING & QUEEN

3. Learn how to scale your companies through Sales Funnels

4. Once you have created a funnel, track every sale in your funnel to the original click

5. Post-Click Optimization  is a category of marketing technology that enables advertisers and marketers to create, optimize, and personalize post-clicks to maximize conversions

6. Utilize a  Customer Relationship Management System

7. Take your email list to another level. Your list equals financial freedom

8. Scale your sales strategy. Sales Management tools can help you achieve that goal


9. Monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place to increase the conversion rate​

Here are Opportunities    to help you  SCALE    your Business!

10. Increase conversion rates with a complete webinar marketing solution

11. Create your own affiliate program. Monthly recurring income

12. Create membership subscriptions and sell digital download products. Monthly recurring income

Bonus Business Ideas

13. Learn how to create your own online school and set up your first course. Monthly recurring income

14. Wholesaling Real Estate is a great way to break into Real Estate

15. Learn proven Successful Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies

16. View 23 Simple Investing Strategies You Can Use Today To Help You Passively Earn More Money Tomorrow

17. Start an Ecomm Agency

18. Start an Amazon Business

19. Start a Social Media Mkt Agency

20. Start Credit Repair Business

21. Start a Home Sharing Mgmt Co.

22. Start your own Bed and Breakfast

Business and Life  Coaching for  whatever  stage you are in... 

23. Having a mentor is one of the keys to success 

24. Business Consultation: Determine what you need to start a successful business

25. Certification courses , for Amazon, Java, and Project Management. 

26. Business Management Training.

27. Personal development training. Set yourself up for the success you want