Business Arsenal Inc Business Opportunity of the Week! Week 1 Amazon

Hello All,

I hope you are well and in good health during these trying times as a nation. I know we will pull through. As an agent and entrepreneur, I’ve learned the importance of diversifying my income. While I‘m passionate about real estate, I also see value in growing my other businesses as well.

What we are seeing in the world today is real and scary. The economic landscape of our country is uncertain and our viewpoint on life will be forever changed. I am sure you are asking yourself what does this mean for me and my future? What will the job market look like after this is over? Do you feel truly safe at this moment in your career? As we can see on the news nothing is promised no matter what industry you are in, outside of healthcare.

All of this has got me thinking.

EXAMPLE: You know what business is thriving and hiring over 100,000 more employees while major banks are laying off their workers by the droves. AMAZON…. That's right I said it AMAZON... You want to know why? Simply put it's a massive online platform that sells products. YES, That Simple... We may not be able to go outside but apparently we all love buying things online GO FIGURE!

Starting this week while we are still going through this pandemic, I will suggest one business opportunity a week. Do me a favor, make a goal before the end of the month, to invest in yourself, don't depend solely on any one company to dictate your future and financial survival.

This week I am obsessed with AMAZON...

Why Amazon you may ask?

Selling products to the masses used to be a lot more difficult than it is now. If you think about it, before the internet, businesses only had these 2 options:

1. Open a physical store

2. Mail-order catalog

But in 1994, Jeff Bezos created Amazon.

Not only did his website make him one of the richest people alive, but it also helped everyday people offer their products to millions of other people online and make millions as well.

Learn how to sell products online using Amazon.

Amazon isn’t the only way to sell products online, but in this email, I’m going to share why I think it’s one of the best ones (especially if you're new).

I’ll start by walking you through the 3 things you need to start your own eCommerce business:


To sell products online, you’ll need a website. One of the top website builders a lot of people use right now is Shopify.

However, some of the downsides about Shopify include: you’ll need a good design (called a template), the best add-ons for increasing sales, and constant tweaks to improve your site’s conversion rate.

The costs of these extra resources quickly add up. That doesn’t include pricing for when you start scaling your online store.

But with Amazon, things are much easier.

The entire website process is already done and ready for you! All you have to do is set up your account, upload images/videos, and write a product description.

Even better, with Amazon, you’ll have some of the world’s top conversion rate optimization experts working on improving the sales of your products, all year long.


Sure, you can build your own website and try to get sales by yourself.

But, the reality is, chances of someone entering their credit card info into a site they’ve never seen or heard of before are very slim.

One quick tip for solving this challenge is to leverage other sites and brands. For example, if you get your product featured on a well-known publication, you can use their logo on your website.

Getting others to talk about your product usually costs a lot of money.

There’s an easier way, however -- simply list your product on Amazon.

Amazon has 100s of millions of daily customers and better yet, these customers trust Amazon’s brand and already have their credit card info entered in their system -- ready to buy in one click!


In order to get page views for your product, you’ll want to rank in searches (SEO), use paid advertising effectively (PPC ads), and write captivating product descriptions (copywriting).

You’ll also want to invest in building a brand -- instead of just selling products.

Now here’s where things get interesting:

If you combine social media marketing + Amazon (the world’s most-used online retail store), you’re executing one of the quickest ways to create automated passive income.

When it comes to the specific skills you need for Amazon, I’m in no way claiming myself an expert.

This is why I’m suggesting a new course created by Tai Lopez, one of my favorite business Gurus… Forbes referred to him as one of the top social media influencers to follow and his online videos have more than 1.6 billion minutes watched. His program is called the Amazon Sales Blueprint program. Learn more about the Amazon Sales Blueprint.

Even if you were to apply only 10% of what you learn about social media and branding, you’ll be smarter than 99% of Amazon sellers, lol! Just saying…. And some of the skills you will learn can be used in your other endeavors.

In the Amazon Sales Blueprint, he brings in multiple Amazon selling experts to teach you their strategies. One of the first teachers in the program, for example, is an entrepreneur who generated $500,000 gross with about 20% margins on Amazon.

If you’re at least mildly interested in selling on Amazon: Visit this page to learn more.

Until next week...