What do Billionaires Read??? If  you want to be like them read and think like them! 



Larry Page already read this book at age 12. He has said that he cried in the end because he realized that this brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla failed, simply because he couldn’t fund his research. Tesla’s struggles taught Page that all scientists must understand the business and finance side of starting a new business.


This is Steve Jobs’ favorite business book for good reason. He recommends anyone to read it as it is about the transition of a company’s competitive position and how to adapt to it. A transition everyone in business will experience at some point of time. Jobs would know!


Peter Theil didn’t plan to write this book – it sort of just happened. Thiel gave a series of lectures about entrepreneurship, technology, and competition at Stanford University, and a diligent student made very detailed notes. Zero to One is the result of these notes. 

Robert Cialdini has had a greater impact on my thinking than any other scientist. This book demonstrates six to eight ways in which the quirks of your own mind will frequently prove dysfunctional to your best interests.” -Charlie Munger.


Anyone who is familiar with how Jeff Bezos built Amazon will tell you that this book is the cornerstone for building the culture of the company. Built to Last shows how the company identity guides successful companies.


When billionaire Charles Koch reveals his secrets to success, you better pay attention! The master himself has written the training manual and it’s extremely helpful for you to understand how to build a successful organization.

Mark Cubans' pumped with business lessons that any entrepreneur, offline and online, will find extremely useful on their own path to success. 


When Jamie Dimon sent a reading list to his interns one summer, it came as no surprise that this book was on it. When one of the best CEOs of all times, Jack Welsh, speaks about rebuilding a company with the right people, everybody serious about business should listen.


 “Dale Carnegie’s writing and courses change my life.” – Warren Buffett