The Heart of Business Arsenal University is to help entrepreneurs start and grow their business, with the help of Experts, Resources & their T.R.I.B.E!


WHO ARE WE? Business Arsenal University started off as just a resource guide for student entrepreneurs

who wanted to launch an online business. The site provided tools needed to create a solid foundation for any student's business.

After time we realized the resource component was just the start. So many startups needed help past the point of setting up their business. They needed ongoing support because they lacked experience.

With that knowledge in mind our The Experts Tribe membership program was born to encourage entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses with the help of an arsenal of experts making 7 to 8 figure a year and introducing them to our T.R.I.B.E


Often times business owners are great at certain aspect of their business but struggle in other parts  i.e. pr, marketing, sales, fb/ig ads, legal, bookkeeping, course creation, public speaking and branding to name a few. Our membership program was designed to provide the necessary support to take you to the next level and beyond. 


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Lorene is no stranger to being an entrepreneur. She got her start while attending elementary school( that was not a typo) :). Her first product was selling bookmarks to her classmates by cutting up old holiday cards her parents and her extended family had in their homes. Needless to say she sold out every holiday and birthdays! In more recent years she started a business while attending Harvard for her Masters.


She is the founder of the National Student Entrepreneurs Summit, an event that takes student ideas to launch and supports the next generation of founders. Lorene invites experts to provide guidance and mentorship to the future founders. At this event thousands of dollars in grant money is also given away to deserving students.


Lorene is the founder of Business Arsenal University, a membership program designed to provide an arsenal of experts and resources to help entrepreneurs start and grow their business. Lorene is a business coach that has spoken on panels on topics pertaining to entrepreneurship and using other people's expertise to grow your business. She has trained business owners on how to market and sell their services to their clients.  She is also the creator of the T.R.I.B.E Method.

She also has skills connecting entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs with 7-8 figure a year experts while providing resources to help take their business to the next level. They call her the connector!

Lorene has received countless awards for her role as entrepreneur and is a member of the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs. Lorene loves traveling all over the globe and spending as much free time as she can with friends and family. You can likely find her at a fab brunch spot near you when we are not in a pandemic ;)! She has been featured in Fox, Fox News Radio, CBS, NBC, Local Television, Local Radio, The Network Journal and Entrepreneur.com to name a few.​

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