The Heart of Business Arsenal University Small Business Resource Guide is our 4 Simple Steps to Helping Students Build Online & Offline Empires!

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About Us: Business Arsenal University is an online resource guide specifically for students and anyone looking to start a business and save time and money doing so.


Note: We have researched and vetted every company on this site to make sure they are worthy of your business.            Good luck and embark on your new journey today!     

Step 1 is having the Funds needed to start and maintain your business. The number one reason most businesses fail is the lack of sufficient funds to grow and scale their organization. Simply put they run out of money! 

The service provider we’ve partnered with is one of the leading online marketplaces for small business loans, alternative financing and rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Get expert assistance from professionals and funding ranging from 10 thousand to 5 million with no upfront fees and quick approvals.

  • Free, no-obligation discussion about your business funding requirements.

  • Personal Account Manager  

Here at Business Arsenal University we can help you get the funding you need to sustain and grow your business. Click funding to get started.



Step 2  & 3 We know that starting and growing a business can be a daunting task. Throughout the site you will find an arsenal of Resources you can use to Build then Scale your business.

  • The Resource page: has all the tools you need to start, build and scale your business with just a click of a link.

  • The Webinar page: has online educational information we know will be life changing for you and your business no matter what stage you are in.​

  • The Books page: lists some of the top reading choices of the greatest minds in business.

  • The News page: includes daily up to date small business news through out the country.​

  • The Event page: has the information you will need to register for the National Student Entrepreneurs Summit. (This event is for students only)

Step 4 Once you have established your business, it's time to diversify and build generational wealth by owning a System and Investing.


The foundation of our 4 steps  is based on Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad Cash Flow Quadrant shown in the diagram. Some of you may be familiar with it, if not check it out.


Our goal with the site is to keep you on the RIGHT side of the quadrant.  For the latest investment opportunities to create additional CASHFLOW click Invest.

Here at Business Arsenal University we

believe that building wealth doesn't have to be complicated; hence why we simplified the site and provided simple approaches to your financial freedom. And Yes....

We love the words SIMPLE & CASHFLOW..

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